Finding your travel score

Just dropping by for a quick post – I’m sorry what was that??? Me writing less that 2000 words???? – to mention a super fun website I stumbled upon this week (this post isn’t sponsored – I just think it’s really really cool).

If you’re like me and not only enjoy travelling, but also find yourself fascinated with maps and wondering ‘where shall I go next?’ then you might also enjoy this website.

It’s an interactive page designed and built by Patrick Stotz & Achim Tack that works out your ‘Travel Score‘.

To check your own ‘Travel Score’ click here.

It’s essentially a world map split up into small squares. It’s simple – and fun – to select the areas you’ve been. From your selection, it uses the data to work out your travel score.

This is my own personalised travel score map:

It combines: how many countries you’ve visited, the share of the world’s population that lives in the selected areas and the share of the earth’s land surface that lies inside the selected cells.

Throw in – what I can assume is – a clever equation, and from your own map, you have your scoring.

My Travel Score:

5.14 – not sure if it’s a number to brag about, but I will brag about having almost 1% of the world’s land surface under my belt. There might be 99% to go, but I still find that pretty cool.


I thought that this page was a really interesting and unique idea.

I totally believe that travelling isn’t about the number of countries you’ve visited or flights you’ve taken – and more on the experiences you’ve had, whether they be across continents or in your back garden (woah, deep) but I still found it fun to find all my little squares and see what these two journalists thought about my travel experience (three out of five stars ain’t baaaaaaaad😎🆒).

It’s definitely reminded me how lucky I am to have so many of these experiences – as well as inspire me to keep exploring and seeing new places.

After all – I can guarantee that I do not have the either the highest or lowest score out there.

That’s it: a quick post on a new site I found – let me know if you tried it yourself!



What is your travel score? Did you find it interesting to discover?? 🤔💭



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Check back soon for some more super cool posts about my Ecuador adventure (as well as my up-and-coming trip plans).


Bye friends 👋



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